In agriculture and gardening, mulch is a protective cover placed over the soil to retain moisture, reduces erosion, provide nutrients and suppress weed growth, and seed germination. Mulching in gardens and landscaping mimics the leaf cover that is found on forest floors. 


A concrete paver is a pre-casted piece of concrete or brick commonly used in exterior hardscaping applications. Concrete paving stones offer an alternative to plain concrete or asphalt.  Pavers are great when utilized as a hardscape in new and existing homes.

Pavers protect your driveway and walkways from heaving and cracking, problems often seen when just concrete hardscapes are used in the harsh Colorado climates. Utilizing pavers in your hardscape will provide a functional purpose that is durable, with a look that is timeless and beautiful.


Colorado Green specializes in the construction of retaining walls.  We can provide you with unique custom designs for your individual landscaping needs. We can provide you with a highly diverse selection of styles and materials to build your retaining wall, raised bed, sitting or courtyard wall. 


Rock is a beautiful way to provide texture, color and a sense of natural element to the look of your design. From a functional standpoint, rock prevents erosion and suppresses weed growth when used in conjunction with the proper weed prevention fabrics. In this age of water conservation efforts, rock is a great alternative to sod when utilized effectively in a xeriscape design.


An automatic sprinkler system is one of the best investments and improvements you can make for your home. In terms of saving you money and time while increasing the value of your home, automating your irrigation will reduce waste of water usage and ensure that your landscape investment is protected by delivering the proper amount of water to your plants.


Sod is mature lawn that has been carefully and professionally cultivated and cut into thick squares or rolls with underlying soil and roots still attached. It can be a great alternative to seeding by providing you with the instant gratification of a beautiful lawn that is ready to cut and maintain in just 2 weeks. In the initial establishment of your lawn, sod will use considerably less water than in the initial stages of establishing seed.

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